Monthly Archives: June 2009

Dylan in the news at Rock the Garden

Yesterday we brought Dylan out to Rock the Garden, an outdoor concert at the Walker Art Center presented by MPR‘s 89.3 The Current.  We did not want to subject his tender ears to rock-n-roll noise levels without protection, so we outfitted him with some child-size Peltor ear muffs.  Everyone stopped to stare and smile, including a photographer from the Star Tribune.

He is in today’s newspaper and their online photo gallery, in photo #2.

All baby, all the time!

The big news on the homefront is that I (Brinsley) have left my job and will be home with Dylan for a while longer.  It was a combination of a decrease in hours and benefits at work and finding it hard to be away from Dylan that led to this decision.  I am happy to be with the little guy, watching him grow before my very eyes.  In the fall I might start looking for part time work, teach dance classes or think about continuing my education through grad school or fitness training.  But for now I am reveling in babyhood!  And my new freedom gives me lots of time to work on choreography; the new piece is – surprise – based on baby movements!

Daily Schedule

Dylan’s schedule has changed now that he’s over three months old (I posted a schedule for him at 6 weeks).
His day more often goes like this:
8 am  Start the day with a feeding, a diaper change and an adorable outfit

Tummy time, Outdoor time, Batting at toys time
Travel in the car (to run errands, visit friends or go to dance rehearsal)
Watch mom make dinner
Sit at the table while mom and dad eat dinner
9 – 10 pm Bedtime

Sleep for 6 hours, feed, sleep for another 3-5 hours

Notice the amount of fussy time has greatly reduced!  He still cries, but it is less reliable and usually shorter.  Diaper changes can often nip the fussiness in the bud.  We are all grateful!