Monthly Archives: April 2010

First bike outing with the iBert seat

We got this newfangled “iBert safe-T-seat” bicycle seat a couple of weeks ago and took it & Dylan out on their maiden voyage. He seems to like it! The seat mounts on your steerer tube (or stem) behind the handlebars, so the kid can see where he’s going instead of staring at your butt, and it’s easier to talk to him. Whether the iBert will leave any room for your knees and steering motions depends on the geometry of your frame. (The manufacturer could be a little clearer about this in their product info.)


So far, Dylan has mainly dabbled in standing on his own for a few seconds at a time, and taking a tentative step or two.  Nothing to write home about.  He’d do it mainly when his hands were full and he was distracted… which usually involved food.  Yesterday he suddenly  decided that walking was a thing worth trying.  Seems like a quantum leap.  Brinsley caught it on video.

(It still involves food; at the end of the clip you’ll see him finish his cucumber.)